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  1. How to protect your online communications — A quick guide to protecting your privacy in this age of snooping.
  2. On Brand — Choosing a name for your startup.
  3. What it takes to launch an app — All the gory details about building, testing, and launching an app.
  4. Spooky — Happy Halloween 2015!
  5. That one time my dad taught me about leadership — A small lesson which had a lasting impression
  6. A checklist for design — The phases of building something people can both use & love
  7. Lazy animation with lazy-ease — Who needs things like timing and easing and shit. Ain't nobody got time for that!
  8. The answer to the eternal question: “Where do I find a technical cofounder?” — Hint: it's not easy.
  9. Jelly Mesh — A colorful mess
  10. Line Tunnel — An architectural demo
  11. The UX of a Sandwich — A tasty UX parable