Hello! My name is Devin Hunt. I'm a designer, educator, and entrepreneur. I help people create better companies and products through design & research.

A little about Devin

Devin Hunt is a designer & entrepreneur focused on the intersection of design, tech, and entrepreneurship. He is a partner at Founder Centric where he works with startups, accelerators, and universities helping them build better products & companies. He co-founded Lyst, a fashion tech company based in London.

He is a YCombinator alumnus who has founded multiple companies (and only sunk a few of them). He has raised venture capital in both the US and Europe, received accolades for his product designs, and even made Paul Graham laugh. Once.

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Send Devin a message via email. For little stuff try Twitter. For bits and boops, GitHub has you covered. I'm also on AngelList ✌, if that's your bag.

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